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The Great Shave Union Kiwi Bloke Yarn: William Lockie

Drum roll please.......today we introduce you to William Lockie - Mister Foodie extraordinaire, WOOP Marketing Manager and Food Evangelist and MKR contestant.  Yup he's an over-achiever in the food industry [...]

Nose Hair Repairs

Nose hairs are not there to look pretty (I’m being facetious), they actually hold a special place in the nostril to make it easier to breathe. I know, right! The [...]

The Great Shave Union Kiwi Bloke Yarn: Matt Moir

Name? Matt “Maddog” Moir City you reside in? Auckland What age did you start shaving? 13 years old – Yeap you read that right Why did you start shaving? Was [...]

The Great Shave Union Kiwi Bloke Yarn: Robert Dunne

Robert Dunne is an ordinary Kiwi bloke, doing extraordinary things. A father of three young children, he is tasked with heading up and driving the very important and incredible international [...]

The Great Shave Union Kiwi Bloke Yarn: Dan Rolph

1. Name? Dan Rolph...Friends call me Rolphy! 2. City you reside in? I’m actually from the UK, So yes i'm a Pommy...I moved to Auckland just over a year ago [...]

The Great Shave Union Kiwi Bloke Yarn: Gary Wade

Shave Union is a union, club and community of Kiwi lads who are doing great things in their lives. We want to talk to them, find out what makes a [...]

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Save Our Shave

We understand there’s often shaving emergencies – Like losing your handle or perhaps there’s a delivery mishap.

If you have an SOS (Save Our Shave) Email SHAVE SOS and your Shave Union Wingman will get it sorted. If there is a lost handle SOS emergency situation, we won’t

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