Drumroll please…..there’s a girl behind these blokey shenanigans. Shock horror!

Lizzi Hines is an entrepreneur and passionate about the men in her life, in particular her two fathers, six brothers, one son, two husbands (one ex) and three male mentors. This Lass passionately believes in getting to the real heart of ‘Bloke Land’ and paying it forward, even if it’s a small way.

She believes in getting the ground roots of the community and giving back to those guys who may need a boost to start a new business, help care for their sick wife or just go to skate camp. It’s really about helping out with real life issues that most would ignore. It’s the small things that can make a big difference in a man’s life.

As well as that, she’s also appalled by the price of razors for something that is a necessity for a lot of men (delete hipsters) and wanted a way to make life better and to give back to our blokes.

And there you have it. Shave Union’s life began.