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Nose Hair Repairs

Nose hairs are not there to look pretty (I’m being facetious), they actually hold a special place in the nostril to make it easier to breathe. I know, right! The bad rep is probably a little on the harsh side considering they filter your lungs so the clean air gets in and the dirty so-&-so’s [...]

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The Great Shave Union Kiwi Bloke Yarn: Matt Moir

Name? Matt “Maddog” Moir City you reside in? Auckland What age did you start shaving? 13 years old – Yeap you read that right Why did you start shaving? Was it because you had to? Impress a girl? Or be ‘in with the lads’? I was asked to by my form teacher as he thought [...]

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The Great Shave Union Kiwi Bloke Yarn: Robert Dunne

Robert Dunne is an ordinary Kiwi bloke, doing extraordinary things. A father of three young children, he is tasked with heading up and driving the very important and incredible international charity - Movember NZ. Robert couldn't be more passionate about the positive impact Movember has on everyday Kiwi Blokes and he does an almighty job [...]

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The Great Shave Union Kiwi Bloke Yarn: Dan Rolph

1. Name? Dan Rolph...Friends call me Rolphy! 2. City you reside in? I’m actually from the UK, So yes i'm a Pommy...I moved to Auckland just over a year ago now. I was told the weather was better, but after this winter I’m not so sure! 3. What age did you start shaving? I started [...]

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The Great Shave Union Kiwi Bloke Yarn: Gary Wade

Shave Union is a union, club and community of Kiwi lads who are doing great things in their lives. We want to talk to them, find out what makes a guy tick and what's floating Kiwi bloke's boats. This is the start of the great Shave Union Kiwi Bloke yarn. We'd love to hear from you, [...]

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Ancient Egyptian’s Shaving Obsession

It is the Ancient Egyptian’s obsession with body hygiene that we have to thank for our shaving saga. Shaving goes way back - however it was the Egyptians who took it to a whole new level and established shaving and hair removal as a regular part of their daily grooming.   In fact, they became [...]

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Shave Union — Best razors, affordable prices

We were approached recently to answer a few questions for a blog called beardcarehq.com and thought it would be a great idea to share it with you lot. So, without further ado, here we go... BEARDCAREHQ.COM If it isn’t already obvious, one of my main aims with Beard Care HQ is to connect everyone struggling [...]

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Why Do Those Pesky Hairs Itch?

Five o’clock shadow itch? Scratching the new growth? Yup, we get it and here’s why…. That niggle actually starts way before the five o’clock shadow starts to rear its ugly head. The thing is a razor cuts the hair at an angle and can result in some scruffy edges and as it’s poking through new [...]

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Populate, Nominate and Dominate

POPULATE, NOMINATE AND DOMINAT Don’t forget to nominate! We’re getting truckloads of subscriptions however we want nominations by the bucket loads too. One of the biggest reasons for kick-starting Shave Union, is to give back to everyday lads in NZ who need a boost. It’s pretty darn easy. Subscribe and then get onto the nomination [...]

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