It’s simplicity without the KA-CHING$$.

With just a few clicks of the mouse, you’re sorted with six blade razors (hmmm..can you purchase these in the supermarket? We think not), delivered to your door every month.

Depending on your hair growing agility you’ll save anything from approx. 100 potato fritters in one year. After a few more months up your sleeve you’ll save some much needed car accessories for your new rig, or a good solid shopping spree at Mitre 10 or Bunnings (whichever one tickles your fancy).

A few years with Shave Union you could save enough to make it to the next Rugby World Cup or a Taylor Swift concert in New York…to ‘Shave it off’. Okay… that was a bad joke.

Easy Right? You just choose the frequency; six razor heads per month; three six razor heads per month or three every two months.

The Shave Union Blades

The Shave Union blades are great quality and we stand by this statement. They’re tried and tested by a carefully selected panel of lads with a high variety of hair growing ability and it’s come up trumps. No, it doesn’t vibrate, no lights, or have silly bells and whistles. Quite frankly, we’ll leave that sort of stuff to the ‘pleasure’ experts. These blades are like you. No fuss. Done and dusted.

But (and yes, there is a ‘but’), the Shave Union razors come equipped with a pivot head and aloe vera strip to ensure all your bumps and curves are taken care of in just a few strokes, with soft and subtle being the aim of the game. Just like an incredibly handy personal assistant who doesn’t talk back.

Do us one favour? Work out whether you’re the grizzly bear hair type or bum fluff variety. Perhaps ask your significant other for this information and whilst you’re at it, ask whether they might sneak in a shave or five for themselves. That way you can ascertain the number of blades you require every month.

  • ‘Hairy Bear Lad’ (with or without a razor thief in his midst) – six six razor heads per month
  • ‘Fluff’ (and we’re not judging) – 3 six razor heads per month
  • Hipster (we might be judging a little) – 3 six razor heads every other month



Subscribe and you’ll get your blades delivered to your door every month. You can opt in, opt out – increase, decrease the number of blades as you please. It’s the only thing you need to think about and we’ll do the rest.

When you make your first order, you get the handle free.

And, we know most of you men out there like to keep a hold of your handles for quite some time but if there is a lost handle SOS (Save Our Shave) emergency situation, the Shave Union-Wingmen won’t hold you to it and burn a hole in your pocket. We’ll only charge $5 bucks for a handle + blade (plus freight).

Learn more about Save Our Shave