Nose hairs are not there to look pretty (I’m being facetious), they actually hold a special place in the nostril to make it easier to breathe. I know, right! The bad rep is probably a little on the harsh side considering they filter your lungs so the clean air gets in and the dirty so-&-so’s are kept out.

Those wiry hairs have that Midas touch because they also help to humidify the air you breathe to keep the entire respiratory system from drying out. It’s like having your very own internal mini de-humidifier (only the opposite) working it’s magic.

And the kicker is – the bushier the better! Sorry chicks!  Research says that those with meagre nose hair are three times more likely to suffer from asthma.

Here’s the best tip of all – there is no (NO) benefit having them hang out your nose, so clip away but for god’s sake do not pull the hairs out. Why?  Because it’s painful AND you can leave a jolly gaping hole for infection.

So, best way to keep nose hair at bay, is invest in a trimmer and you’ll be away keeping your lungs happy campers.