1. Name?

Dan Rolph…Friends call me Rolphy!

2. City you reside in?

I’m actually from the UK, So yes i’m a Pommy…I moved to Auckland just over a year ago now. I was told the weather was better, but after this winter I’m not so sure!

3. What age did you start shaving?

I started shaving when I was about 14, well I say shaving I think I plucked a blonde hair from my top lip!

4. Why did you start shaving? Was it because you had to? Impress a girl? Or be ‘in with the lads’?

I started shaving mainly because I started looking like a newborn wolverine (patchy beard) I didn’t really do it for girls..mainly for self-satisfaction that I was a “real man”

5. Do you prefer to; clean shaven? Stubble? Mo? Half Beard? Full hipster beard?

I prefer stubble, keeps me warm in the winter…also the fact when I do decide to do a clean shave I look 10 years younger! Also I do occasionally catch myself stroking my own beard…weird I know!

6. How often do you like to shave?

I shave (trim) every week to make sure it doesn’t look like I have been dragged through a bush backwards, having a trimmed beard makes you feel sharp on a night out!

7. Are you a morning or evening person? Why?

I would say I’m both, love early mornings as I get up & venture out for a run, but the evenings is play time, so a few full bodied red wines are my forte!…Or a shot with a wine chaser!

8. Who’s your man crush? Idol?

Has to be Justin Timberlake, you would catch me singing along to his songs in the shower!…X-factor, I think so!

9. What is your dream job?

Dream Job would have to be working for a charity, as a charity owner myself I like to invest my time and knowledge into something deserving! However, as it’s a non-for-profit it’s hard to do it as a full time career!

10. What is your biggest pet peeve (shaving related or not)?

My biggest pet peeve would be someone telling me what to do, I have always been a rebellious and stubborn guy, hence why I’m my own boss in some rights!

11. If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be?

Ever since I watched Lord Of The Rings I wanted to come to New Zealand & here I am! Beautiful country with some beautiful people!

12. What is your favorite hairstyle on a woman?

I love the natural look, so messy hair up in a bun would look cool! Whatever she feels comfortable in and I’m happy!

13. Which Kiwi bloke do you look up to and why?

Being a Pom I actually don’t really know your celebs, however I would say its gotta be Russell Crowe due to the fact he kicks ass in most movies!

14. What would you do with a million dollars?

If I had a million dollars…..I would invest it, create something awesome then make 2 million dollars!

15. Money or Love?

Love is most certainly the main factor, Money is a necessity of life and obviously contributes to your lifestyle, however how can you enjoy money with no one to share the memories with?

P.S Shave Union Rules!