Matt “Maddog” Moir

City you reside in?

What age did you start shaving?
13 years old – Yeap you read that right

Why did you start shaving? Was it because you had to? Impress a girl? Or be ‘in with the lads’?
I was asked to by my form teacher as he thought I had a better moustache than he did!

Do you prefer to be; clean shaven? Stubble? Mo? Half Beard? Full hipster beard?
Clean Shaven unless it’s Movember then it’s reppin’ the handlebar mo!

How often do you like to shave?
Daily during the week, then give the face a holiday over the weekend

Are you a morning or evening person? Why?
Totally a morning person; no better way to start the day with that clean shaven, groomed feel

Who’s your man crush? Idol?
Would have to be Jason Statham, the guy oozes class, as well as that hardnose British attitude.

What is your dream job?
Professional Race Driver or Event Promoter

What is your biggest pet peeve (shaving related or not)?
Auckland Traffic or people looking down their nose at me

If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be?
Gotta be right here in God’s Own; NZ’s awesome!

What is your favorite hairstyle on a woman?
Natural, hair down look

Which Kiwi bloke do you look up to and why?
John Kirwan – A rugby all star who stood up for Men’s Mental Health, one of the first Men to break the silence & taboo of depression

What would you do with a million dollars?
Go on a world trip of Roller Coasters
Set up a race scholarship to help young up & comers
Donate to Movember – us blokes need all the help we can get!

Money or Love?
Love for sure

So Why the Movember 200?
I wanted to set up an event to find a way to raise awareness of Men’s Health issues in a fun interactive way, and what better way to get blokes attention, than to have a race meeting! Add to the mix, ten racing personalities from various disciplines of NZ Motorsport, whom guys do/have idolized and it’s a recipe for success. I feel passionate about the Movember brand & what it represents, as I’m the stereo typical bloke. I live with Depression as well as Chronic Illness, which I ignored for years, and which has taken it’s toll due to my blissful ignorance, so to be able to spread the word and promote awareness, to help try to break down the barriers that Men live with, and to raise funds for an awesome cause makes the stress worth it. It also allows me to push through my comfort zone, a bit like making a person scared of heights doing a sky dive!