Robert Dunne is an ordinary Kiwi bloke, doing extraordinary things. A father of three young children, he is tasked with heading up and driving the very important and incredible international charity – Movember NZ. Robert couldn’t be more passionate about the positive impact Movember has on everyday Kiwi Blokes and he does an almighty job every year.


Robert Dunne

City you reside in?

Mount Maunganui

What age did you start shaving?

Must have been 16, but probably didn’t really need to until I was 20

Why did you start shaving? Was it because you had to? Impress a girl? Or be ‘in with the lads’?

Just keeping up with the boys I think, probably didn’t need to but most of the boys were shaving so thought I would get involved.

Do you prefer to; clean shaven? Stubble? Mo? Half Beard? Full hipster beard?

I am all about the Mo (of course!)

How often do you like to shave?

Not often, like to keep the Mo as much as possible and probably shave once a week

Are you a morning or evening person? Why?

Morning man for most things, I like to tick a few boxes in the morning, feel like you on top of things

Favourite Album?

Arctic Monkeys A and M and anything from Pearl Jam, Kings of Leon

Favourite Movie?
So many but if I was stuck in a safe room with only one movie to watch on loop it probably would be Wedding Crashers

Favourite city? Why?

Christchurch is home and will always be special place but the Bay of Plenty is a great spot to bring up the family. New York would be the favourite place I have been on my travels.

Biggest idol?

Tough one, lots of people I look up to and any kiwi than doing well on world stage is awesome. Would love to meet Dave Grohl.

Which Kiwi bloke do you look up to and why?
Probably Richie, got a big job as All Black Captain but does it so well