We don’t take things too seriously here at Shave Union, however there are two things which we’d jump through hoops for.

1.) Delivering awesome razors to your door

2.) The Shave Union Community for men who need a leg up in life

The Shave Union community is a pretty special one because every month we’re giving back to one lad in New Zealand who needs a leg up in life. 10% of every order will go into the ‘Shave Union Bank of Giving Back’ and we want you to nominate who these Doleros are donated to. One Kiwi man (has to be over the age of 16), will be selected from our Shave Union panel to be the man of the month.

So, put pen to paper or digits to keyboard and let us know why your mate needs a little help from your Shave Union Wingmen.

Click here to nominate someone